Debate about the SCD Mailing list [2]

Catching up: The discussion about the mailing list on this page was triggered from another discussion about SCD and celiac disease which eventually lead to a fax from Elaine Gottschall.

Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 20:09:29 -0400
From: Ellen Adams <EllenAdams@AOL.COM>

Subject: Re: Fax from Elaine Gottschall

Reminds me of when my mother used to yell down the stairs, "You kids stop fighting down there!" when she'd hear us being noisy in the family room.

Actually, it's interesting that she seems on the one hand to abhore censorship on the internet and on the other hand wants to limit the discussion on the web page and this list.


Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 02:46:47 EDT
From: "APRIL . PREY" <76422.1624@COMPUSERVE.COM>

Subject: Elaine's Fax/Dare I Say It...

Re: Elaine's Fax:

The SCD list is not open to debate? Hmmmm...where have I heard an attitude like that before? Maybe countless Drs. who considered their own brand of treatment not "open to debate". Give me a break. I am beginning to think that her lack of credibility in the scientific/medical community is not her theories, but her unwillingness to consider that there may be more to this than meets the eye, that even SHE does not have all the answers and that the whole IBD issue/mystery is just beginning to be unraveled.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me in the past...wish everyone luck in their pursuit of health and I will continue to encourage others to try the SCD when I get a chance. But this was the last straw. Consider me UNSUBSCRIBED!

Signing off...
April in Seattle

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 08:40:26 -0500
From: Jim Prousalis <j-pro@MINDSPRING.COM>

Subject: Re: Elaine's Fax/Dare I Say It...



Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 09:30:05 -0500
From: Rachel Turet <rachel@LONGISLAND.COM>

Subject: discention

Hi all,
Is it only me to notice that those upset by Elaine's fax & all that's transpired in recent days, have been those that aren't on the diet? Its true that those people "saved" by the diet are bulldoggish in their defense of it, but how could it be otherwise? If after years of intense bleeding and suffering and literally dying, one finds a miracle (and what I've foud in this diet is no less), how is it possible to react differently to a disection and a questioning of it's potential? So for those disbeleivers who are having a problem with the recent exchanges I say, try it, you'll see what it is about the SCD that inspires such fanatical praise and adherence.
Peace & love to all,

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 08:29:07 -0500
From: Dale Howe <Topster@E-TEX.COM>

Subject: Re: discention

Hi all......

Well.. it saddens me to see so much arguing going on in this list. I joined hopeing to find some support and encouragement. Which some of you have offered. But I live with too much in my life to put up with all of this bickering. I hope you all have a happy and safe life.. But I'm going to unsubscribe to this list. I can find better support elsewhere.

Elaine.. Keep up the good work. I think your excellent. And I'm sure this diet will help thousands of people.

If y'all could please do me one last favor and tell me how to unsubscribe to this list I would appreciate it.

Dale Howe

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 10:37:12 -0400
From: Laurie Myhre-Choate <Laurie_Myhre_Choate@COMPUSERVE.COM>

Subject: Elaine

I understand why people get upset with Elaine. I talked to her once on the phone and she came off as being very snippy, almost elitest. She couldn't understand that this diet isn't easy for a lot of people. We are human after all. To give up all the foods you love cold turkey isn't easy. The diet is so beneficial. I am just hoping that her attitude doesn't keep people away from her diet. Everyone needs to loosen up a bit.


Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 10:46:43 -0700
From: Rosset <plrosset@PACIFICRIM.NET>

Subject: Re: Elaine

Dear Laurie,
Elaine has talked to literally thousands of people on the phone. She does this because she wants to help. I do know for a fact that she would rather not have people calling asking her questions that are clearly answered in the book. She was very helpful when I would call with a question. In fact I remember the first time I called her, when I offered to pay her for her time, she didn't want me to pay her and she said to call any time I has a question.
She is the furthest thing from an elitist. I have spent time with her, she has a great sense of humor and is VERY down to earth. I hate to hear her being criticized, when I know that thanks to her efforts many people have regained their health who otherwise wouldn't have, including of course myself and hopefully soon your husband's as well.

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 18:11:15 +0200
From: Odd Oivind Bergstad <oddb@STOVNER.VGS.NO>

Subject: Ellaine's reaction

Hi everybody.

I have felt a sort of sadness since I read all that noice on the IBDList and the fax from Ellaine Gottscahll indeed made it worse. First let my tell you that I don't follow SCD but my own diet. They are not totally different. I am also thinking about weather or not recommend the SCD to others here i Norway.

For some people following the diet 100% will do the job. Nice, they don't have to think, just follow the recipies. But for others I think SCD must be modified due to food intolerance for instans. (I cannot eat carrots.) I believe that this list should also be for them. Here they can discuss their problems and find a way. Because IBD is higly induvidual. And when the diet does not work quite satisfactory they have to make their own experiences and make adjustments. This must of course be their own responsibility. That is how I work all the time. Now the question I would like to ask is: Should people like me stay away from SCDList and be left alone in the dark trying to find something that works for them?

Odd Oivind

PS. I sendt a mail about making a trail on SCD. So far no responce... DS.

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 09:13:45 -0700
From: Dempsey <stellar1@PACBELL.NET>

Subject: Re: Elaine's Fax/Dare I Say It...

Hi April,

I was sorry to hear you are planning to leave the list. I always appreciated your posts. I just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one who feels the way you do. It is strange to me that Elaine relies so rigidly on Dr. Haas' original diet when it seems obvious that after thirty years or whatever, certain things could be figured out. For example, I know that when her daughter went on the diet they probably didn't have the "health food products" around that we do now -- where you can get canned goods (like Hain) that don't have ingredients other than what is listed. Since I got to a certain level of health, I feel like I can follow the diet rigidly and still try a canned good here or there, take acidopholous instead of yogurt, etc. Meaning, experiment. Geez, I hate it when health professionals treat you like you can't think or make a decision for yourself.

But most of all, I find an amazing similarity between Elaine's rigidity and Dr. Hollands. They are just from different camps. I used to work in politics and got used to the dynamic. Personally, I feel like it's more about personality style than science. I am so happy to have the diet and do respect Elaine for putting her books out. But the fact is that there is much scientific research that can be done to back up Elaine's diet that isn't even talked about. For example, the diet sets out to reballance the bacterial flora of the gut. Depending on which particular bad bacteria are growing, sometimes antibiotics can be used appropriately to help get rid of the bad bacteria, take the load off the body. I speak from personal experience. I had a Klebsiella and Citrobacter(at least the Klebsiella is a carb-eating bacteria, not sure about the Citrobacter) overgrowth a few years ago and my health bounced up 50% from taking a course of antibiotics. Meaning I was able to digest food again.

Well, anyway, I just wanted to say, do what you need to do. But I'm glad you wrote in and I hope you decide to stay or come back one day.


Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 14:38:19 -0500
From: Jim Prousalis <j-pro@MINDSPRING.COM>

Subject: what's going on????

Hey, I don't understand why everyone is getting so uppity? If people in the group want to take things the wrong way, then I think you are just to touchy. Elaine Gottschall has helped many people and she has helped me with my suffering of Crohn's. I think this has all started from the IBD group and that other doctor whatever his name is? I am not really interested in other peoples opinions and on how someone else's personality is. Like it says in the bible "Let the first person with no sins cast the first stone" I am not the most religious person, but there is some truth to that. This list is the second best thing that happened for me. The first thing was the book SCD and then this group. I think that everyone with our disorder (IBD) should relax and not get stressed out. If you don't like the posting that people from the group put on there is this little button that I have on my computer is called DELETE, I think everyone with a computer has one. Well to each is own.


Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 00:18:29 +0200
From: mik aidt <mik@INFORM-BBS.DK>

Subject: state of morale

>It just seems that at the moment the timing may be bad.
>Seems like the list is not in the best state of morale.

Why is everyone getting so worried? Please, won't you read some of the testimonials at the SCD Web Library or elsewhere if you have forgotten that this Specific Carbohydrate Diet has helped thousands of people. I happen to be one of them, now one year on the diet.
I feel the diet has saved my life, and honestly, no message or discussion from this list - no matter how negative or irritating - could ever make me think of leaving the diet. Nor quitting the mailing list.

I think it is interesting when the debate gets heated, and if the price we have to pay for the freedom of speech is that the argument gets a little overheated and turns into an argument once every half year (it's happened before on this list, you know, as well as on many other lists), then I'd say: It's worth it!
Anyway, things have quieted down now and I think everyone involved is back to the old, VERY positive energies of this list.
Let's give up discussing whether Elaine Gottschall (and others involved in the previous debate) is a "this" or a "that" person, let's put our focus on this diet of hers that apparently keeps on saving people's intestines all over the globe.


Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 00:20:57 +0300
From: acbrill <acbrill@ESCORTNET.COM>

Subject: Re: what's going on????

boy, if i didn't know better, i'd say we were all constipated!!

that was SUPPOSED to be a joke...

actually, i found Elaine's fax very kind...she's a person i'd like very much to meet face to face...

i guess this illness just affects people in different ways...and i'm sorry that some people are so touchy...

hope we get over it - all of it - soon..

you have helped so many...but even doctors know that you can't save everyone...

keep the faith....
arlene in istanbul

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 20:22:00 PDT
From: BILL <btren@BESTWEB.NET>

Subject: hi

First, Ellen , I'm sorry if I was prying, but I'm hoping that you have a good break, and when you do " get with the program", you find it to be as beneficial for you as it has for myself and others. It reall y is not that much work. It's just a matter of avuding stuff and making sure you eat a balanced diet too. It does help to have a kitche and be able to get to the food store, I must admit.

AS far as all the griping goes, who cares? The diet works as all who are on it know. So what's the big deal if a few people want to over intillectualise (sp?) every thing? I don't get it.

Ther are so many testimonials to its good effects, and nothing works for everybody all the time. I think if you just work out what foods are good and avoid those that seem to work against you, things will be fine. I never got the impression that Elaine was preaching some kind of gospel that had to be followed to the letter. Maybe that was just my take. I read the book and said "WOW this is for me!" and after some time everything just got better and better. It didn't happen overnight. This isn't prescription medicine. I believe that she did say that something that has taken years to became so fouled up intestinally, will take time to get straightened out. BTW, I stopped all medication when I started the diet and maybe it has taken a little longer to work, but it did.

So stick with it-100 percent is best, and I hope you will see the same results a lot of us have seen. Personally, you couldn't get me to eat a bowl of cereal for anything. But boy, that 1/2 and 1/2! I don't understand why so many people seem to be having trouble with the yogurt making. Maybe I've been lucky, but I've just followed the basic rules, and it's come out perfect every time. I do like the Yogourmet.

And Mik, I agree. Let's get back to the diet and all its worth, and let's skip the criticism . maybe the diet won't work if you don't want it to . How can it if you're sceptical and not commited ?


Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 08:26:22 -0400
From: Matthew Cirillo <mcirill@EMORY.EDU>

Subject: April in August

Now that she's gone, we can talk about her behind her back too! Why don't we express our opinions about what we "think" her agenda is, like she does about Elaine. It just seems strange to me that, amongst all the evidence that the SCD works, among us who are actually aflicted with this scourge, that the "mother" of the diet would be the target of attacks by individuals who were helped by the diet. It kind of reminds me of this guy a couple of 1000 years ago. Everyone loved his ideas, except for the establishment, until, suddenly, WHAM! everyone wanted to crucify him.

It appears to me that someone started a listserver for the SCD, and when that crashed, (or whatever the hell happened to the old one) a new one was created (thank you for whoever - Mik? - put in all the time and effort) but the new one dosen't seem to be specifically the SCD - there's an awful lot of other navel-gazing biological mumbo-jumbo that I try to make sense out of, but none of it has made any difference in my life, except use up my valuable time (like yours is being used up right now reading this ridiculous post when you could be discovering a new delicious recipe or, if you are starting out on the diet, how to "go easy" in the beginning). There are still the occasional constructive postings that relate to the diet that I have found works for me. This is what keeps me here. The rest is like commercials on TV, inevitabe distraction.

Maybe those who are following Elaine's diet or interested in it should have a separate listserver exclusively for the SCD. I see no fault with professionals and enthusiasts of microbiology, intestinal disorders and the like having a forum to discuss and debate new technologies, theories and ideas. It just seems that it confuses regular people like me who have found something that works and want to share thier experience. Unfortunately, I am computer illeterate, and stretched for time, so I can't create a separate listserver just yet. But if the discoverer of the the diet as a sucessful treatment for UC and Chrons is sending us a warning that the listserver isn't serving its constituents properly, I feel this is a warning that should be heeded (call it intuition).

PS re antibiotics - They aren't very good for you in the long run. You build up a resistance, needing more and more and they wear on your immune system, so I am told. The SCD diet won't do this to you.

Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 09:30:34 -0700
From: Dempsey <stellar1@PACBELL.NET>

Subject: Re: what's going on????

I hate it when discussing the diet is seen as criticizing or putting down the diet. Geez. What's the big deal? Why are so many people so defensive?


Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 13:00:56 -0500
From: Eric Abergel <eaberg@PO-BOX.MCGILL.CA>

Subject: Re: what's going on????

I agree. I find that some people are defending the diet with an almost unhealthy fanatical zeal. As someone once posted "Elaine is not a goddess". If people want to modify the diet slightly to better suit themselves and can stay healthy doing so, why not? Some of the venom in the posts is very disturbing, including Elaine's fax.

Just my 2 cents....

Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 14:33:19 PST

Subject: list in an uproar

Lately this "new" SCD list has been going downhill due to all the negativity, bickering, and arguing. I admit to being guilty of participation in this myself because I flamed dr. holland on the ibdlist. I think there was a re-bound effect back to this list because of it, and it was a big mistake. I should have ignored him, and from now on I will. This whole thing has made me realize that if someone is not open to the diet, there is no point wasting energy on trying to convince them. Debate is one thing, but I think what has been happening lately is not exactly debate. The tone of many recent posts has been less than curteous and kind. I would like to make a motion that we all agree to be kind to one another, leave out the criticism, and concentrate on the SCD. I just re-read two chapters of the book last night, and it was like a re-birth of enthusiasm and understanding. I highly recommend re-reading parts to refresh your memory and understanding.

This list has definately changed since we've had the new owners, and it seems, not for the better unfortunately. We are driving people away with this style of a list and if it continues we will have nothing left. This list should be for support mainly. We don't need to restrict or power-trip. If everyone uses common sense, I think we can get back to the harmonious, positive, loving environment that we used to have on this list. I think many of the original members agree with me on this perception of how our list used to be. I am very fond of this list and would hate to see it fall by the wayside. I have already had to write to someone to ask them not to leave the list because it's just going through a bad patch at the moment. Let's correct the situation so we don't scare even more new people away that we could have helped. I hope I can depend on all of your support. Thanks for listening,

Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 17:48:09 -0500
From: Rachel Turet <rachel@LONGISLAND.COM>

Subject: Re: list in an uproar

Dear Anna,
Excellent letter! I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 01:35:04 +0200
From: Odd Oivind Bergstad <oddb@STOVNER.VGS.NO>

Subject: Re: survey proposal

Hello Anna.

(...) Now, I just want to say something about the quarral on the list lately. In the first place I encoraged Don Wiss to critizise the diet, so you are not alone. But what is the use of discussing the snow that melted yesterday? You have learned from this and maybe some other persons as well. So we just go on, making this crazy idea of a world wide web of IBD-sufferers communicating and supporting each other into reality. Odd Oivind

PS. What really has happened to me is that I am allergic to strawberries. So: Strawberry Fields Forget it!!! DS.

Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 02:27:03 +0200
From: mik aidt <mik@INFORM-BBS.DK>

Subject: This IS the exclusive list for SCD

Don Wiss wrote:
>Doesn't she admit that the
>SCD isn't for everybody?

A friend of mine found that SCD didn't work for him. So he called Elaine who told him something like that "if the diet doesn't work within the first three-four weeks, then it is probably because you belong the those app. 25 percent to whom the diet does NOT work."

Matthew Cirillo wrote:
>Maybe those who are following Elaine's diet or interested in it
>should have a separate listserver exclusively for the SCD.

This mailing list most certainly IS for people exclusively on the SCD.
At least that is as far as I have understood it.
But obviously, you can't avoid that others will "lurk" - and once in a while speak up.
That's the nature of a mailing list.
Unless we'd go back to the good old days when we sent "exclusive" letters to the "members" which we all had on a carboncopy-list in our mailboxes. I would not recommend that.
This listserver works better than ever, from a technical point of view, with these new archives where anybody can log in and read recent as well as old mail.
In other words, if you are far away from home and from your emailbox, as long as you can get to some kind of an online www-computer, you can always check out how the correspondence of the list is doing. I've come to appreciate that feature.

And now to something completely different... The SCD.     ;-)


Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 21:32:40 -0400
From: John Chalmers <johnc@SERV2.FWI.COM>

Subject: Comment

To All

I would like to ask all list participants to stay away from the subjects which have stirred controversy recently.

We should remember that our purpose is to help each other. That is made much more difficult when we have as many distractions as we have had lately.

I would like to request avoiding personal attacks of any kind. Send private email to those when the subject of discussion is not for the whole group.


Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 08:32:17 +0300
From: acbrill <acbrill@ESCORTNET.COM>

Subject: Re: List in an uproar

> From: Glenn L. Rung <backpack@CYBERLYNK.COM>
> Subject: Re: List in an uproar
> Date: Sunday, August 03, 1997 2:13 AM
> Anna,
> Thanks for your comments. If this site didn't exist, I would have a lot
of unanswered questions.
> We must remember that we are all in this for the benefit of each other.
> Glenn

you're right Glenn...i think we should all remember that...and we should also remember that divergent thinking is a good thing...not always agreeing is a good thing...let's just try not to attack the individual...attack the actions not the personality... we've learned a lot from this list and other lists....i get so sad when someone closes the door and walks diminishes us all.

back to the business of healing.....

well... At this point, some members of the group started a new mailing list which you can read about here:

your post to the new SCD list
Fri, 8 Aug 1997 5:45:24 GMT

You wrote:
>I don't see why Don should delete anyone from the Maelstrom list ?

Correct. No one has been, or will be deleted from the Maelstrom list.
People will have to signoff themselves (or e-mail me) if they don't want to
be on it.

>The buttom line is that it certainly is important that noone feels that they
>could come in a situation where they'd be "bumped out" of a list because of
>their viewpoints.
>Freedom of speech is essential.
>Even if it is just a _feeling_ of freedom of speech.

But Rachel bumped me off the new list for my viewpoints. She subscribed
every single person to the new list but me. Do remember that she once posted:

Rachel Turet <shodanrt@LIII.COM> wrote:

>Tsk tsk tsk. I'm glad you don't have the power Don. I'd hate to think that
>you could shut disconnect me for not sharing your veiws.

Which was written after I said I'd bump off the doctor for flaming people
on the SCD, which was my understanding that he was personally attacking
them and calling them "idiots." *Never* have I said I'd bump someone off
for a different viewpoint. So I won't say anything about Rachel being

>and John still happens to be the listowner.



Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 18:11:00 -0400
From: witkowski <witkowskis@WORLDNET.ATT.NET>
Subject: Re: Good thoughts

Dear All,
Just a quick note to thank you for remaining an open
forum that discusses all options . It never ceases to amaze me that people
can be so closed minded and think one way is the only way. As many know the
SCD diet helped me immensely , but I am one of those that cannot eat yogurt
and therefore I guess that makes me a rebel.
It is almost funny if you think of it that after dealing with doctors that
believed in only one way for all (drugs) that a diet group of any type
would do the same thing the doctors do. Close their minds instead of open
them to the possibility that what works for person X may need a bit of
tweaking for person Z.
I strongly encourage all to be kind and caring in their posts to either
list. Two wrongs have never made a right. And as I have told my kids for
years and I wrote to the other list always think before you write , " What
would Jesus say and do " ( Or Allah, Budda etc.) I think we have all
learned that the written word is easily misinterpreted , we cannot hear the
inflection of a person's voice or see the smile when they type . To often
things have been misunderstood. And a joke is taken as a slam against
another when that was never the intention.
I will continue looking forward to all the good things shared .
Take Care,


Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 01:40:55 -0400
From: Don Wiss <donwiss @ panix . com>
Subject: Re: win win situation

Tom Robinson <tomr@VADER.INOW.COM> wrote:

>I'm not suggesting you join Rachel's list if you don't want to, but I
>would expect, no, I would demand as a condition of my own participation
>on that list that you be allowed the same access as everyone else, provided
>that you agreed to limit your discussion (on that list) to Elaine's
>SCD diet.

When Rachel was given the subscriber list from this list she removed my
name, and no one elses. She clearly didn't want me on her list, and is
practicing her own form of censorship.

I have been forwarded some posts from her list, and I do see things that
I've said or done have been twisted to fit the point the author is trying
to make. For example, I've never said I didn't want to see testimonials
("good news"), I just said they don't cut it with the medical profession.
But I'm not affiliated with the medical profession. What I have questioned
is Elaine's pushing a more restrictive diet for celiac disease then is
warranted, and one testimonial doesn't justify the SCD for celiac disease.


Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 16:11:33 +0200
From: gwozdz <gwozdz@HRZ.TU-FREIBERG.DE>

Subject: Dr. Lutz: "Life without bread"; Dr. D'Adamo: "Eat right for your type"

Hi everybody!

First I want to say that I don¥t understand the reasons for setting up another mailing list. I have always enjoyed discussions about the aspects that go beyond the SCD. In my opinion no one woman or one man is able to find "the diet" that suits all sufferers from IBD. Our greatest problem is lack of information, especially on the part of doctors. Limiting ourselves to discussing only E. Gottschall's book (as much as I appreciate it) in my eyes means limiting the chances for some of us to get better. The SCD points in the right direction but it doesn't necessarily have to be the magic key to IBD.

So we have to collect what other doctors found to be effective in healing IBD, and by comparing different strategies we might find out what they have in common. On this basis everyone will then be able to finetune their diet according to their specific needs. E.g. I found out that I do much better without dairy products and by reading Dr. D'Adamos book "Eat right 4 your type" I found out why: dairy products commonly don't agree with my blood type (A).

Before I tell you what I learned from Dr. Lutz's book I want to let you know my experience with "budesonid" (brand name:Entocort) enemas. About 2 months ago, after aprox. 3 months on the SCD, I started feeling worse. A rectoscopy showed excessive inflammation of my lower colon (the area where it has been before). You guys know what that means: blood, mucous, frequent bowel movements etc. For the first time I opted for a cortison drug, and this budesonid seems to have helped enormously. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and since I stopped having dairy products I have got much better: one bowel movement a day, normal stool, some blood. And it seems I am getting better and better. I don't only attribute my improvement to the drug but as much as I dislike drugs I know they are necessary sometimes.

Dr. Lutz's book, as you who have read the excerpt on Mik's site know, is based on the theory that the human digestive tract has not adapted to our westernized high carbohydrate diet. Therefore he recommends a diet limited to a daily intake of 70-80g of carbos. Contrary to the SCD he does not differenciate between good and bad carbos, just the daily amount is important. As to why this diet helps in most cases of IBD he does not give an explanation in "Life without bread". But he does so in his new book "Sick stomach, sick bowel, what really helps": Without being able to repeat the medical details the bottom line is that to many carbos cause a faster passage of food through the digestive tract, and this causes especially the ends of the small and big bowel to inflame because of the not properly digested food. So according to Dr. Lutz eat like our prehistorian ancestors: lots of meat and some vegies and fruit.

This dietary recommendation is largely confirmed by Dr. D'Adamo in his book "Eat right 4 your type". He reveals a very interesting connection between a person's bloodtype and dietary regimes following therefrom. The bottom line of this book is: Eat as the ancestors of your bloodtype did, and since most people have bloodtype "0" it is best for them to have lots of meat and hardly any grains. As for my bloodtype "A" more grains and no red meat is recommended, I can have fish though. Get a copy of the book! It is definitely worth reading.

Since grains are forbidden on the SCD and the intake of the remaining foods containing carbos will probably not exceed 80g/day my conclusion is that these three diets are basically the same according to the majority of the people. Interesting, isn't it?

As for me I am going to stick with the SCD trying to limit my carbohydrate intake and finetuning it following Dr. D'Adamos recommendations as to which foods are BENEFICIAL, NEUTRAL ore DETRIMENTAL for my bloodtype. It seems to work. And never forget the psychological implications of your disease, mostly it is not only diet!

If anyone is interested in the parts of Dr. Lutz's new book concerning IBD I can mail it to him/her, in German though!

All the best


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