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I have been filled with hope when I thought I had come to the end of the road. My daughter (21 yrs.) has battled with UC for the last 4 yrs. Now, we feel we have some ammunition to swing the battle in our favor. She will be starting the diet soon. I believe this is our answer. Prayers of support to all who suffer and to all who love the ones who suffer. Kathy
Kathy <>
USA - Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 20:33:04 (CET)

I have had Crohn's Disease for 35 years. No colon not much small bowel so Short Bowel Syndrome. On prednisone for 35 years Now have osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, need to have kidney stones removed every year (they are a side effect of the Crohn's)and every other year I go on CVN for 6-8 months. If you need information on this disease go to (Crohn's Colitis Foundation of America)
Bill <>
Retired / Lawenforcement, - Sunday, January 27, 2002 at 07:18:02 (CET)

just to express ourselves. I am looking for the diet that is mentioned quite frequently, but it does not look as tho anyone has it. Am I correct?
P Peaver < NA >
NA, NA USA - Wednesday, January 09, 2002 at 23:36:55 (CET)

I am hopeful that the SCD may help my son who has had Crohn's for 14 years. He now has no large bowel through surgeries and due for surgery to remove section of small bowel. Is the SCD worth trying after so much surgery. Might it help?
Diane Strutt <>
retired, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - Saturday, November 17, 2001 at 11:18:51 (CET)

Can somebody send me the receipe that everybody is talking about on this site. I was diagnoised with Cronh's in 94. I have not had any major flare ups till october of 2001. I go for colonscopy in few weeks to see if my cronh's has spread. (can cronh's spread?) At the meantime I will be taking pentesa (16/day) Does anyone know about pentesa? How did it work for you? Please help me. Thanks!
senait <>
business, u.s - Wednesday, November 14, 2001 at 18:53:30 (CET)

I'm trying to get control of my CD
Casi <>
Accounting, USA - Wednesday, October 31, 2001 at 17:56:44 (CET)

My daughter was sucessful once on your diet but got off it too early. She has since had a section of intestine removed and it improved things for a while but the Chrohn's came back. She is now back on the diet but will it work as well now after the surgery?
Cyril Tarrant <>
R.E. Developer, CANADA - Monday, October 15, 2001 at 01:51:05 (CEST)

moshe lundy <>
sales, usa - Saturday, July 21, 2001 at 00:22:19 (CEST)

I would like to get started on this diet? Where do I start?
How do I get more on these diets. I have Chron's, 30years old and have had it for 17 years. I had to go to the ER tonight do to bad cramping.
Beverly Sering
5962 River Hills Rd.
Mokan, Mo. 65059

Beverly <>
homemaker, usa - Wednesday, June 27, 2001 at 07:05:08 (CEST)

I'v been reading through the information and I am excited about it. I am going to use some of the ideas and turn my ulcerative colitis around. It seems to be a lot of pleased people. I wan't to be in that number. Thank you
Keith Norman <>
Parking Meter Repair Supervisor, City of Detroit,MI USA - Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 19:03:36 (CEST)

I'v been reading through and I am excited about it. I am going to use some of the ideas and turn my ulcerative around. It seems to be a lot of pleased people.
I wan't to be in that number. Thank you

Keith Norman <>
Parking Meter Repair Supervisor, City of Detroit,MI USA - Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 18:59:28 (CEST)

This diet has given me hope that I can take control of my health. I have had UC for 13 years and recently have had one of the worst flareups since I was hospitalized in the 80's. Found the diet, started a month ago, and am having marked relief. Makes me think that I can stay in my profession afterall.
Thanks for having this open forum. It's nice to belong to a community where people know how it feels to carry around this "secret." Thanks.

Erin McMenamin <>
Teacher, USA - Tuesday, April 10, 2001 at 15:43:02 (CEST)

I was diagnosed with crohn's in sept 00 and have been on the sc diet since then. When I have a question about a specific food, it would be great if there was a search site for that.
Nancy <>
resort owner, US - Wednesday, February 14, 2001 at 17:46:36 (CET)

A friend emailed me and I recently joined a web site because I have a special health condition. I was in the SCD Web Library guestbook and I thought I'd take a moment to email you as well. The name of the website is called The website allows people to find the exact match of a person facing the same health condition within a protective environment. It is a place where people can identify others with whom they want to develop a supportive relationship. Because you have already registered with this site, I thought you might like to know.
I have spent some time with BigHeart, there are many special people and the community seems to be growing fast. Feel free to spread the word and email me if you have any questions.

Mary <> - March 27, 2000 at 00:39:12

I'm Nanette writing for George. I found him this book on the scd and we've been trying it for a month now.I'm afraid we plunged right in, but until 2 days ago, it seemed to be helping. Now Geo is going thtu a flare up and it's the pits.He's an outdoorsman and very strong and active. It breaks my heart to see him going thru this. He's always been a meat and potatoes man, that and bread are the things he misses most. Stress seems to trigger flare ups, I believe. He feels weak, which is hard for him to bear. Yesterday I bought a food processer and it is helping.Thank you for giving us hope. Nanette
George Kelley <>
outfitter, self employed canada - Monday, February 28, 2000 at 08:24:58 (CET)

Greetings to all fellow SCD'ers. On the diet for 3 months and I have never felt better! Symptoms are dissipating, and I'm reducing medication. I am impressed by so may testimonials. Take heart, sufferers! There is an answer!
Tim A. Dixon <>
Professional Engineer, T.A.D. Consulting, Ltd Calgary/Canada - Monday, February 28, 2000 at 01:17:02 (CET)

I am starting the SC diet this weekend. I hope to see a decrease in symptoms of my IBS. I have had IBS for over 10 years but have yet found anything that helps. I am very optimistic about this diet.
Christine Obaid <>
Music Teacher, self employed USA - Wednesday, February 23, 2000 at 18:18:34 (CET)

I am 25. I found out I have Crohns last April 1 1999. I have an ileostomy and I am 32 weeks prenate! I would like to know if any one else has had a baby while "sick" and if everything worked out. to tell you the truth i am scared as hell!!
Kimberley-anne Stanley <>
housewife, canada - Monday, February 21, 2000 at 03:38:48 (CET)

I'd been on the diet, with great success for 2 and a half years. Suddenly, this past November, had a flare-up that won't quit. Drugs (prednisone, asacol, antibiotics, suppositories, Rowasa enemas) aren't working; neither is the diet. Has anyone else had this experience? Anyone having success with different drugs or dietary supplements? All suggestions and information will be welcomed.
Deborah <>
USA - Saturday, February 19, 2000 at 12:34:33 (CET)

I live in Austin, Texas, and am having trouble finding dry-curd cottage cheese. Anyone know where I can get some?
Deborah <>
freelance, USA - Saturday, February 19, 2000 at 12:24:13 (CET)

I am on the diet and would like more recipies.
Edward K. <>
Canada - Thursday, February 17, 2000 at 06:38:39 (CET)

Jeff Skaff ( - Software Engineer, BOC Edwards
- I would like to get Elaine Gotschall's phone number so I can personally thank her.



Robert Allan ( - engineer,

- My wife mary has just been diagnosed. Bought book and glad I did.

Christian H. Nihls ( - realtor/broker, Macomb

Edrie ( - Programmer(currently), Rose Technology Inc.

- I'd be interested in how people combine the SCD with the Zone diet. It's great to see so many people contribute their knowledge and experience.

Merrilyn Karrels ( - Crafter,

- Breaking the Vicious Cycle is a very informative book however I am very confused as Dr Weil (Better Health throug natural healing) recommends the macrobiotic diet which is completely the reverse of the SCD diet?? Can you explain why one patients testimonial swears that the macrobiotic diet put her in remission yet every food group is not allowed on yours? - brings us all issues on Health Subjects

Kolby LaBree ( - student/single mother,

- very interesting, overwhelming! ...much to absorb... questions...

jane reidt ( - insurance underwriter, Liberty International

- An excellent resource/help for people on the SCD program. However, how do you post for questions and answers????

Rob ( - Chiropractor,

- My wife has just been dx'd with US and I'm looking for as much information on a good diet. I would like to see her get off these drugs. I think she will be worse off in the long run with the drugs

Rob ( - Chiropractor,

- My wife has just been dx'd with US and I'm looking for as much information on a good diet. I would like to see her get off these drugs. I think she will be worse off in the long run with the drugs

Ronald L. Hoffman, M.D. ( - Physician, Hoffman Center

- Congratulations Elaine! What a wonderful website! I'm referring my patients and radio listeners here for support in implementing the SCD which I continue to recommend wholeheartedly. Maybe we can do another show on this on WOR Radio--please let me know.

Dianna Young ( - Event Management, Contractor

- This is an excellent archive of helpful information and letters from other IBD suffer's.

Joe Kiehlmeier ( -

- Very informative ! Looking for advice on how to convince 18 year old son to start diet.

John ( - Computer Systems Analyst,

- I gues I'm a 'newbie'; new to a home PC, new to the internet, new to chatgroups, etc., and unfortunately, new to UC as well. I will be 'offline' for the next 10 days, then back and eager to learn about how to handle this problem. I've read a few of the testemonials, and it's encouraging to know that I'm not 'alone'. Can someone reply to help me get started?

Rob ( - Consultant,

Cathy ( - retired elementary school principal,

- My husband has had Crohn's for 30 years, he's been on prednisone for over 20 years, and now he's on the SCD. We're still learning how to follow it, find products, and read labels. I signed up for the newsletter but haven't received anything yet. Is this how I ask a question about the diet? Thanks for letting me know how to ask a question. Cathy

Cherie Gesick ( - Mom., Domestic engineers of america

- My first visit here. Still learning about this cross I must bare!

Kathy Roche ( - Interpreter for the Deaf,

- Diagnosed '86. Self-imposed diet (similar). 5 years later, Dr. says probably a misdiagnosis (CD doesn't just "go away"). I forgot about it. A lot of pain now. Hmmm. My aunt thinks I "cured" myself with the diet. I couldn't remember all that I did. Will try it again.

lindatutty ( -

- I have a J-pouch and would like to hear from anyone who has tried this diet.

Charlotte ( - Projectsecretary, Danish Market Management and Intervention Board

- I was diagnosed with Colitis about 3 years ago. At that time I had been sick for 17 years. But I didn't loos weight - just had diarrhoea. I tryed acupuncture for a while but now the diarrhoea has returned. So...... Time to try the diet. Hope for better luck this time!

Mary Ann Thornton ( - travel agent/owns maid service, na

- Just logged on. Found address w/ a book review at

Steve Coburn ( - Marketing Rep,

- Crohn's bearer since '91, having big problem with weight loss, been on the diet for 5 weeks, weight loss somewhat stabilized, but am concerned with energy levels being low and my activity level being as high as it is. HELP! -- STEVE

L.Pobuda ( - Human Resources Manager,

- I appreciate the practical tips and creative recipes, as one who is just getting started. Will keep visiting to learn more about the diet.

Sharon ( - Desktop Support Specialist, Telecoms UK

- Found the site on Saturday, bought the book on Monday and will start the diet as soon as I've kitted myself out with a way of making yogurt. Wish me luck. :) Great site! It's nice to be able to read other people's stories and know that you are not the only one.

Erin ( -

- I am on the diet, but i do not have an inflammatory bowel condition. I have psoriasis, arthritis, and fibromyalgia and I know the SCD is the answer. I've done tons of research on diet and chronic illness and it all points to low carbs, but Elaine's book is the clearest. How can doctors remove peoples' intestines when the answer is so somple? It's a crime!!!

Allison - student,

- After my diagnosis and subsequent bowel resection eight months ago, I thought I would spend the rest of my life a hostage of Crohn's. The SCD is giving me hope that I can overcome this obstacle in my life.

Eileen Hughes ( - sales,

- This website has been very helpful with questions I had re: Crohn's and my diet. I currently have been following the SCD for 6 months and I think it is great!

Derek ( -

- Excellent info. Just one question on the recipes: why do so many of the recipes require you to cook/boil the vegetables? my understanding is that cooking vegetables actually releases the "starch" that is contained within? any thoughts on this?

Derek ( -

- Excellent info. Just one question on the recipes: why do so many of the recipes require you to cook/boil the vegetables? my understanding is that cooking vegetab

Nichole ( - nail technician/homemaker,

- I really enjoy this website! I have IBS and did not know what to do. My doctor was not very helpful, and I thought that diet was the key but I didn't know where to begin. I have a friend with Chron's disease who has been on the diet for a year now and having great success. She suggested this for me and it seems to be helping. Thanks.

Laura ( - Customer Assistance,

- I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's and am looking for an alternative to surgery and my new puffy "Prednisone" face. I want to start the diet soon but I have a few questions to ask some vetrans. This site has been an invaluable source of information that not only compliments the book but also fills in many of the gaps. Thank you!

TJ ( - Title insurance/Escrow Assistant,

- My thanks to the SCD has given me my life back after years of pain and giving my life over to the demands of CD. I was able to take a job and travel with confidence. This is a wonderful web site. Thanks to Elaine and Mik.

Mike Baberadt ( - Engineer,

- This diet (20 days now)has saved my life after five years of hell. Thank you.



Mark (No e-mail address) - library technician,

- Is it possible to remain a vegetarian on this diet? I eat fish occaisionally but, I must admit the preponderance of meat, poultry, cheese and egg ingredients in SCD recipies dismays me! Anyone else with this concern?

Eat Right 4 Your Type - The four blood types A, AB, B & O treat foods differently; the wrong foods can cause tissue damage. This book outlines diets best for each blood-type.

Paulette - mom,

- Please note that my previous post did not include the correct e-mail extension, I am sorry for sending the same post three times. Here is the correct post, my daughter started the SCD diet a few days ago and I am anxiously waiting for signs of improvement. If there is anyone that has a child with this condition, please e-mail me, thank you.

Paulette - mom,

- My daughter started the scd diet a few days ago. I am anxiously awaiting results. We have tried so many other things before without any results. If there is anyone that has a child with this condition , pls. E-mail me PLEASE. thank You ..



Allan Partridge -

- Nobody asked my permission to use my emails

- certainly not!!

Re: Mik
Thur, 11 May 1999 10:38:23 GMT

Dear Allan Partridge,

Please read the remark in the buttom of the welcome message which you receive when you subscribe to the SCD mailing list. Any letter sent to the mailing list is liable to be placed at this website. However, if you lateron should wish to have it removed, just let me know, and I will remove it.


James R. Johnson ( - Software Development,

- Thank you so much for providing the SCD Web site. I believe the information saved my life. I have suffered from chronic diahrea since 1986. Last year things really deteriorated. I couldn't slow down the diahrea, even with immodium. I started the diet and the diahrea stopped. I would like to tell you my story, but there isn't room here.

Thora Salamon ( - bookkeeper/homemaker,

- Hello Mik! Thank you for taking the time to provide such an informative website. It is a relief to read all this information and confirm that my symptoms are real, and not imaginary, as so many doctors just dismiss them! Am waiting for delivery of the SCD book by the weekend! P.S. Try acupuncture and a chiropractor for your shoulder! : )

Angela ( - Insurance customer service,

- I have only recently been diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis (mild colitis) and have high hopes of this diet replacing the very expensive medication I am currently taking!

Susan M ( - Legal Secretary,

- Very informative. Been suffering with God-Knows-What (IBD, Candida Syndrome, etc.) for four years. Going to check out this SCD diet. Thanks.

Sheryl ( - Desktop Publisher,

- Excellent web site. Very informative, but I'd love to know where I can get this book from and start this diet. I can't find it anywhere in England. Any suggestions welcome!!!

Theresa Grenier ( - umemployed,

- ready to try alternatives than 6MP

Carol Zimmerman ( - credit manager,

- My husband has had ulcerative colitus for 35 years and has taken steriods for almost that long. His doctor has nver told us of different ways to "heal? the disease. This diet in some ways is close to the Adkins Diet that we are both currently on. We have both lost considerable amounts of weight considering that we have only been on it 1 month. I am gla

Clay Herzog ( - Engineer, Herzog Design

- Up dated info regarding DCCC and the Reiter Dairy, OH. The Reiter Dairy currently gets their DCCC from Fairmont Products in Bellville, PA 717-935-2121. Fairmont currently ships the product in only 50# packages to commercial accounts. If they would consider packaging for the retail market if there was sufficient interest. Hmm... Fresh Fields perhaps?

Amy Bottom ( - Nurse,

- I think this is a terrific website. I have tried the diet and had tremendous success. However, for some reason I started cheating and have relapsed somewhat. Elaine says to add foods gradually and see how you tolerate them. This is confusing for me as I don't have immediate problems after eating particular foods. Any advice?

Jo ( - Student Adviser,

- I was so pleased to stumble across Elaine's book and your website. I was diagnosed with UC Nov97 and am just getting over my 2nd flare up. I'm on my 4th day of the diet and feeling better already although it's hard to tell whether it's the diet or drugs at the moment. My Dr isn't the least bit supportive, it's an isolating experience IBD. Thanks Guys!

William (Laing) - Retired,

- Mik. An exellent page for an exellent cause. keep up the fine work mik.


Susan ( - wife of U.C. patient,

- Good site. Coincidentally I found a blurb in a book about Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) that patients often have some form of IBD. Lots to think about. My husband was a super-fast child, and still exhibits much of the behavior of adult ADD. Hope this can help someone. Thanks for your website.

Matsy Walker ( - Retired/Genealogical Research,

- Receips great; but, right now no help to me.

Catherine A. Mercer ( - Entrepeneur, KCM Eastern Express

- I have fibromyalgia and just started the diet. I am feeling better already - this is confusing to say the least!

Kenny Girdner ( - Mechanic,

- Very good looking forward to checking out this diet,since my doctor says it don't matter what you eat.

Flora Caputo ( - art director, SCC Advertising

- I love the website, and have visited many time. I have Crohn�s and have been on the diet for about 6 mos. I feel so much better, although Christmas was hard and I cheated a little. But I am back on track now. I also use supplements with the help of a holi

Joyce ( - homemaker/mother etc.,

- Great Web site, Just started diet and believe it will work where others I could not stay on. Love it.

Re: Mik
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 18:21:44 GMT

Dear Mik,

I always wondered who this mysterious "Mik" was that had the great SCD website! Have you been on our list all along? Just thought I'd drop you a line to thank you for all your hard work and to tell you that your site has been a real blessing to my handband (Crohn's Disease) and I as we struggle to cure his illness, or, at the very least, put it into remission. God bless you.


Re: Re: Mik
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 21:56:12 GMT

Dear Michelle,

Thanks a lot for your letter. It is very nice to hear that.
Yes, I have been on the list for about three years soon, so I guess that is more or less "all along".
But at times I have been "away" for months, and then at one point, getting myself together and spending a whole Sunday on reading through thousands of pages of mails...

I wish you the best with the struggle towards cure.
Get well soon!

Personally, I have been on the SCD for about two and a half year now, and I have found that for me, it takes even more than the SCdiet alone to make it happen. It has been necessary for me to add things like: daily exercise, a good eight hours nights sleep (every night!), vitamine supplements, and to refrain totally from alcohol, coffee, milk products, red meat, raisins, etc...


Pat ( - wife/mom, CCFA

- Crohn's disease, diagnosed 1967--2surgeries, many hospitalizations, am on Pentasa--just heard of SCD, not sure it would work for me

Dana Dennis ( - Assistant manager Paint industry,

- Very Informative. But, does anyone know of a link between Crohn's disease and hyperactive thyroid? Is there any people with Crohn's that have this thyroid condition. I found the diet to be very effective in treating Crohn's but haven't tried it now that I have developed this thyroid condition -- possibly due an immune suppressing drug prescribed for Crohn's.

Ann Poor ( - Customer Service,

- I am responding to a discussion about acne & yoghurt applied to affected areas. Jim in his 5/3/97 email said it helped him with his acne, so I started trying it & now it is worse than ever. I would welcome anyone's comments about this. Is this normal for it to get worse while using the yoghurt face pack before it gets better? Any comments would be appreciate

Jocelyn Martinkus ( - student, Miami University

- This site has made me more optimistic towards the diet. I was diagnosed with UC in May of 98 (I am 20 years old) and am weaning off pred and am on asacol. I feel great now, but last month was hell so i am willing to try anything. I would love to hear more stories or suggestions! thanks

Bob Jamieson ( - Environmental Manager, Fortune 500 Company

- First time visitor - haven't gone all through site yet

Melissa A. LaRiviere (wimsicalturtle) - Mother,

- This seems like something that might help me get a control on my Crohn's disease.

Peter ( - Student,

- Interesting site. Not sure the SCD diet is effective for Crohn's however.

IBD-IBS Book Store - Books on Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome. Includes book reviews.

Ted Jaskot ( - Software Engineer,

- I am about to start the diet however, I have read on various news groups that the diet does not work for some people. What I have read was alot of people with blood type other than "O" the diet won't work. I have some hesitance about starting but I think I will give it the old college try. What I read in Elaine's book makes sense. Ted

Tanya Zilberter ( (Dr. Zilberter)) - physiologist, Mining Co

- Good job! - "Ketogenic Diet, Dr. Atkins, and the Quack Watch: Who does fit in the Quack Watch's definition of quackery."

Debby Arehart ( - EDI Analyst, NDC

- Interesting and informative. My brother has UC and is currently on a strict liquid diet, has been for almost 1 month and will be for at least another 3 weeks. Curious what this could do for him once he's allowed to introduce food back into his diet. He's on antibiotics, steriods, asacol, ?? and methotrexate injections....

Carol Watson ( - teacher,

Brian Cook ( - mechanic,

- great site thank you

Judi Chimits ( - My Kid's Mom,

- Have been on the diet since March 98. I have Ulcerative Proctitis. I am now 10 weeks pregnant and having difficulties gaining weight. As you can guess, all of my favorite foods are not allowed on the diet and going without saltines is quite difficult with morning sickness. Does anyone have suggestions?

susan tremble ( -

mel ( -

- thanks, this page has been extremely helpful and supportive

Lisa Quigley ( - Land Consultant,

- Just found out in April that I have Celiac. As of May 25, I have eating on the SCD and haven't looked back. I feel so much better! I do have a few questions about foods not specifically mentioned in the book though.

The Paleolithic Diet Page - Regarding the Blood Type "O" Diet, which incidently has alot of similarities to the SCD. I am a Type "O" as well.

Karen (KLKinnaird) - Office Manager in family business,

- Just starting diet for my 19 year old daughter, doctor told her diet has absolutely nothing to do with Crohn's Disease. I don't buy that. She stopped dairy products 2 weeks ago and her diarhea is getting better, but she's still bleeding. He upped her Pred, said maybe a hospital stay will be neccessary. I sure hope this diet works.

Max Johnson ( - Crohn's Disease Sufferer,

- Great Site!!!

cheryl edwards ( - healthcare,

- it is great could you send me info about diet have never heard about it

this is first one i found

margaret houston ( - housewife,

- love it

Jackie Palmer ( - public health,

- My 21 month-old daughter has been on the diet for several months now. Is also taking 1/2 tsp. Senokot daily. Doing much better. Never diagnosed by conventional doctors, except with a milk-protein allergy, which Elaine laughed at. Looking for others in similar situation.

Judy Gardiner ( - admin assist, publishing

- Although I have a very mild case of Crohn's, a reaction to drugs prescribed for a flare-up put me out of work for four months. It's taken forever to get over that, but the scd diet has kept the disease in remission since Oct 98, so I can stay hopefully s

Linda Lafferty ( -

- I feel this is great for those who need support like I do. I truly feel alone with this diet.

Vanetta George ( - Artist,

- I'm on the diet and I'm still having "D". Help! I may not be able to handle yogurt.

Anthony Graziano ( - marketing consultant, J.D. Edwards

- I'm very excited about reading more on the site. I'm just beginning the diet and I'm eager to share and learn from experiences of others.

Mary Ann Cooper ( - chronic hypochondriac, none

Paula I. Plumber ( - TV developer, none

Ross McCallum ( - meat cutter,

- I'm so glad I found this site and I hope to glean as much as possible re recipes and places to get the not so easy to find foods (I live in Hawaii) not available here. Was diagnosed w/ crohns about five weeks ago and my mother who lives "down the road" fr

Stephanie Duran ( - Painter,

- I have a son, 16, who has had ulcerative colitis since he was 8 years old. I have read and put him on Elaine Gottschall's diet and he lasted about one month. It is a very difficult diet for a child/teenager. He is now on Imuran and Flagyl. We hope to get him off the flagyl soon. I am looking for recipes other than the ones in the book. Thanks.

Kathy Ellis ( - Banker geek, Small community bank

- I have been suffering from chronic diarrhea for two years and just started "surfing" on the net for information because of the privacy of it. I don't want to undergo unnecessary, invasive procedures for no reason. This site has been very informative. I would like to know if others have symptoms such as hypoglycemia or depression.

Kathy Barrett ( - writer,producer, Gottamoo Productions

- The Gottschall saved my life. I've been on it for a year and a half and I'm happy to report I'm medication free. I'm developing a documentary on Elaine and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Please contact me with your experiences.

Lona Hunter ( - mother,



Francesca Vargas ( - Dancer,

- I've been the diet for more than a year and it is helping, but I'd like to make contact with folks on the diet living in Spain or Portugal, to compare notes about hard-to-find or nonexistent foods and what they use as substitutes. Am I all alone here? :-)

delwin ferguson ( - UNITED STATES ARMY,


Pamela ( - teacher 's aid,

- Wonderful, informative, and great to touch base with other crohnies.I 've just started on a new drug entocort its working very well,any comments about the drug? I've been on the diet for 7yrs. and had crohns for 22yrs.

Pamela ( - teacher 's aid,

- Wonderful, informative, and great to touch base with other crohnies.

Cecilia Egan ( - Designer, King Island Bakery

- Please recommend an SCD group in AUSTRALIA! Are there any other Australian IBD sufferers out there who are on the Net? I'd like to get together and source some foods.

Valerie Vigil ( - homemaker, mom,

- I'm sure that this will be very helpful to me while supporting my husband in the battle against colitis.

Steve ( - Service Manager,

- Dear Sirs, I caught your web site by chance and read your letters. There were very negative articles on Ambrotose. I suggest that before anybody judges this product that they go to the Mannatech web site and find out more about this company. they might be mildly surprised if they take the time to read about this new nutrition technology.

Mannatech Inc. - New nutracuetical company. Leader in this emerging Industry

Wendy ( - Library Tech,

- I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in '94. I am considering trying the diet, after Christmas that is. I would like to hear results from other ulcerative colitis sufferers. Thanks.

April ( - Teacher,

- Very useful page

Alpaslan Akpinar ( - engineer,

- I have just embarked on SCD I bought the book and I am full of hope.

July 22, 1997

To: Mik Aidt
From: Elaine Gottschall [author of book about the SCD]

It has been so gratifying touching base with you and to learn how much you are doing to "spread the gospel".

Received the package of print-out material from your website and although I have read it over 3 times am still amazed as to your excellent way of organizing and linking other information that will help people realize that there is a way to regain health.
Thank you very much for doing this wonderful job.


Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 14:00:00 PST

Subject: mail order yogurt starter/cheese making supplies

Hi Mik,
I'm thrilled to hear how well you are doing! Congratulations! I admire all the work you have put into the restoration of your own health and also your excellent website which helps all of us. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. (...)

Leslie Carr(continued) ( - Student,

- (Continuation of 1st entry) homemade yogurt, honey, and cooked fruit. No tolerance for veggies other than cooked carrots. Do we have hope of improvement? I want her off Prednisone! Thank you, Michele

Leslie Carr ( - Student,

- My daughter Natalie, 9, has Crohn's (or maybe UC). We have been on SCD since Feb., while her Prednisone was 10mg/day & 5-ASA was 1000mg/day. We have gradually reduced Pred. to 3mg/day. Starting in March her Diarrhea came back 1x/day, but no bleeding. We have continued the diet and reducing Pred. She gets mostly meat, nut bread, (see continuation)

Muriel Shaw ( - retired, not applicable

- Would like to post a query regarding obtaining yoghurt starter for an Easi-yo yogurt maker. The makers (H.O. New Zealand, cannot locate phone number or addresss) only English supplier of the culture is longer carrying it. How do I do this?

T C ()medical electronics,

- interesting

Beth ( - student,

- How do I get a copy of the diet? I was diagnosed with crohns at ll, 4 years ago.

Glenn Rung ( - Retired USAF/Full time student,

- Finally! More information on the SCD. Until now, all I had was Elaine's book. Found this Web Site by accident, but I sure am happy I did. Diagnosed with Crohn's three years ago, but have had symptoms for six years. Been on the SDC for two months and never felt better. Looking forward to more info in the future.

Matthew Cirillo ( - Financial Analyst/Unemployed Rock Star, The Carter Center, Atlanta, GA

- Life enhancing, a testimonial to Elaine and all of us who have adhered to the diet and reaped the rewards. Keep it up!

Plant Tracker - Great descriptions of various plants and herbs.

Hans ( -

- Great homepage! I may also try the specifik carbohydrate diet. I'm 34 and got colitis 5 years ago.

Kim ( - Student,

- I love this because I was just diagnosed with Cronhs Diaease.Also I can go thourgh and browse the web.I love all the things in here because I can chat in chatroom and send e-mail to other kids that have the same disease I have.

Tom Accuosti ( - VP Manufacturing Operations,

- Just picked up the book & looked for EG site on impulse. Diagnosed IBS several years ago, been on several "elimination diets" testing for food allergies. Anxious to see if SCD helps. Will miss pizza & beer, but I can live on steamed veggies and poached fish, no problem.

Glenn Hiott ( - clerk, none

- Your page is wonderful. Drop me a line sometimes.

- I have had chron's disease since 1992. I just got out of the hospital Tuesday from fighting a battle with an abcess in my small intestine. This diease sucks!

Amy Rasberry ( - student,

- I have had the specific carbo. diet for over a year now and can attest to the success of it. Sticking to the diet will make my pain disappear and improve my mood greatly. Other than lacking discipline the only other problem I have encountered was the development of scar tissue after 3 months on the diet. Still, it's the best treatment I have ever tried.

Liz MacKay ( - customer service,

- I have been diagnosed for almost nine years and haven's had surgery yet. I am glad to see that there is a place where people acn get new information and share ideas. This page is now bookmarked for me and I will tell others. Thanks and keep up the great work!!

Carol ( - librarian,

Finn - teacher, GL

- 63 years old. I take great interest in the matter, especially Lutz

Susan Taylor ( - nusring station secretary, university of Minnesota

- I was diagnosed 6 months ago; Hope this works?

Jesse C. -

- Iam 11 years old and have been though alot I hope this works

Jillian Martin ( - student,

- Thanks for all the great recipes. It sure makes things a lot easier!

Mary Darling ( - mom of 7-mos-old baby,

- Encouraging! Made me feel hope again!



Eddy Hofmann ( - Soldier, US Army

- Just started the ATKINS "No-Carbohydrate" Diet. Will try it for 2 weeks and see if it works? Quit smoking/nicateen three months ago and gained 25 pounds - can't lose it even with 1 1/2 hrs of exercise a day. Other than my pot belly I'm in great shape.

Denise Dempsey ( -

- I just began the scd two weeks ago and have found this site invaluable for support and infromation that isn't necessarily in "Breaking the Vicious Cycle." Thank you, Mik, for setting all this up! Denise

Ryan Sean Rubin ( - Student, University

- Thanks for providing this site for us. Please continue adding more recipes to the list. (Perhaps a couple of gluten-free breads/cakes/biscuits etc).

Crohns/Colitis website - Crohns/Colitis website

Benito Rey (102036, - Computer Programming,

- I congratulate all of you for the idea of this site. Perhaps because the fact that I know Java and VRML I have found that this site could improve its lay out using some Java Applets. I also consider that your work is important. Thanks for this opportunity. Benito Rey

Sharon ( -

- Thanks to whoever is keeping up the beautiful site at I visited it for the
first time to today and was very impressed. Keep up the good work!!

Mik (private: / work: - webmaster

- Okay, folks! Hereby opening this Guestbook. There is a problem when submitting the text due to some technical problem I cannot figure out, but I hope we can use it anyhow.

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