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Ellie in Ontario compiled this list of Ontario-area resources for SCD-legal products.

Ellie's List of Ontario Resources       
From: "Ellie"
Subject: food resources for Ontario
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001

Sugar free bacon and ham: Shopsy's regular bacon and Maple Leaf low salt
bacon (I prefer the Shopsy's), and Maple Leaf ham steaks are all sugar free.

Loblaws in Whitby and Oshawa carries the Western Dairy DCCC, and the health food department in the Gibb St Oshawa Loblaws carries Organic Meadows cream, cultured butter, and DCCC, and also sugar free vanilla. Loblaws dairy department also has Lactantia and President's Choice cultured butter, both salted and unsalted. I prefer the salted Lactantia.

Bulk Barn (I believe they are in most of Ontario) carries pure ground almonds (almond
flour), pasteurized honey in bulk (Billy Bee), and also the sugar free vanilla. I also buy all my nuts there (I love Brazil nuts). Check out what else they have, you may be surprised at what you can find there.

On looking for a yogurt maker (I have borrowed my mother's little 5 cup Salton which I don't like much) I was shocked to find out you just can't buy them anywhere anymore. You used to be able to get them anywhere but I tried dep't stores, hardware stores, health food stores, hardware stores - no luck. Finally a health food store in Ajax called Health Plus offered to order the Yogourmet and starter for myself and Caresse, phone number is 905-426-7587. We don't have them in yet, only been a few days. On the yogurt maker issue: using that small yogurt maker I found out quite by accident that it makes better yogurt if left for 36 hours instead of 24, thicker and less sour (read above note on memory problem as to why it was in there for 36 hours!).

Finally, I found a good supplier of natural beef, pork and chicken, farm raised with no hormones, etc in the Hampton-Orono area. They are called Ulrich Meats at 5566 Liberty St N, phone number is 905-263-2398, just the other side of Taunton. When I ordered my 1/2 pig there last week they also said they smoke the ham and bacon and I requested no sugar added, they replied no problem! I got their name from the man I buy homemade Bratwurst from, also with no sugars or fillers, just meat and spices. His name is Gerry Krukket, phone number is 905-983-5126. I hope this is of help to some of you out there!

I am posting this on Healing Crow also, so no you are not seeing double if you see it there!