Letters from the SCD support group: Low Energy

Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 23:50:29 EST
From: HEBERT 2 <HEBERT2@aol.com>
To: SCD-list@longisland.com
Subject: Re: Low Energy

Hi Sanford, I have been on the scd since august '97 and also experienced very low energy since then. I found that I was not actually eating enough food, period, but also, not enough carbos because of all the scd restrictions. Two weeks ago, I was consulting with an acupuncturist about other issues and she suggested I see a naturopath she recommended due to that person's expertise on "The Zone" diet. The "Zone" is a carefully calibrated food program in which you make sure that each meal has a particular and consistent balance among carbos, protein and fat/other. Her only reason for suggesting I look at it is to make sure my scd meals have that important balance. I found the naturopath's advice very helpful and have been measuring my legal scd foods for each meal since and can already tell a difference in my energy, even tho' I still have digestive symptoms.

A very quick run-down of the program is that you need to make each meal consist of 40% carbos, 30%protein and no more than 30%fat/other (i.e. like tomatoes, lettuce and scd-mayo on a "sandwich"). A "standard" meal is what is called a "3-block" meal: you eat 3 blocks of carbo, 3 of protein and 3 of fat/other (there are restrictions on how much of fat/other is fat rather than other, naturally!) A "block" is equal to 9 grams of carbo, which seems to usually come close to abt 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 cup of any given legal vegetable, and abt. 1-11/2 oz of protein (i.e.meat/fish), or 7 grams of protein. The "fat" part usually is given as abt 1/3 tsp for one block. So you can figure that a 3 block meal is abt 3-4 cups of veges and 3-4.5 oz of protein with the allowed 1 tsp of fat. But on the scd, since we get no complex carbos or processed foods, I let myself have more fat than that and I'm now maintaining my historical set point of weight. I also mix my veges so I don't have to eat 3-4 cups of the same veg. at one meal.

You might want to pick up the book just to flip through it or, ask around for a naturopath or dietician/ nutritionist who know the "Zone" well and can help you balance your intake. It's still early days on this "block" plan for me, but using it and the scd seems to slowly be building my energy. (I also only eat cooked foods, no raw fruit, veges or nuts and no yogurt yet). Good luck,   Liz

Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 00:00:19 EST
From: ValtheV <ValtheV@aol.com>
To: SCD-list@longisland.com
Subject: Re: Low Energy


My husband and I have both experienced very low levels of energy (me when I was pregnant) and couldn't seem to find anything that would help. Then we were introduced to liquid minerals marketed by Equinox International. We had tried other minerals to no avail, but this stuff really helped a lot! My baby became more active in the womb (actually did not stop moving for about 3 days) and I got a little concerned. I talked to my doc and he said that was fine, I probably was needing those minerals. Needless to say, I got the energy I needed to carry me through the third trimester. My husband has been up and down due to UC, but the minerals also help to boost his energy.

We did become representatives to market this product along with their other fine products, but that is not why I am telling you about it. It matters not to me whether you decide to take it or not, I'm just sharing my own experience.


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