Letters from the SCD support group: concerning headaches

Re: Headaches
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 3:43:38 GMT

Christina Roth wrote:
> Hi Everybody!
> I am curious to see if anyone else is experiencing rather
> severe headaches. I've been on the diet for almost three
> months now with great success. In fact, I am finally off
> of prednisone for only the second time in ten years. It
> only took me 2 months to taper off while strictly following
> the diet as opposed to almost two years the first time with
> out it.
> Anyway, I keep getting just blinding headaches off and on.
> Perhaps it is due to the prednisone withdrawal, but I also
> wonder if something is going on as a result of the diet.
> Like many others on our group I have had some pretty odd
> things happening, like sensitive teeth for a good example.
> I don't recall ever having headaches coming off of pred-
> nisone. Worse still I can't take any Advil or aspirin to
> help. Perhaps some of you know a good alternative? (And
> I tried willow bark feverfew and it did not do a thing).
> I'll be interested to hear your feedback :)
> Thanks,
> Christina

Hi Christina,

As one of the fellow scd-ers who has experienced the bizarre symptoms, I
sympathize with you. The only advice I share comes from an alternative
perspective. My husband practices naturopathic medicine and he says
that headaches like that can come from the liver processing a heavy
toxic load (which I think you've probably already mention you've also
heard before).

If that is the case for you, short of seeing an alternative
practitioner, a thing you can try that is harmless and relatively
inexpensive is to go to your natural foods store and pick up a good
anti-oxidant supplement. I recommend grape seed extract -- it's one of
the most powerful antioxidants (better than, say, beta-carotene). The
supplement will help the liver process the extra toxic load, if that's
what's contributing to the headaches.

The other thing, I actually just heard yesterday from a girlfriend who
has migraines, is that the oils in nuts really contributes to her having
headaches. If you're like me, you're eating more nuts now on the diet
than you ever ate regularly in your life. Anyway, that's just something
I heard.

I know that since I have been on the diet, I have had to take more
anti-oxidants than before. This doesn't quite make sense to me, since
my leaky gut is apparently healing! But the anti-oxidants have really
helped my energy and take care of some of the little headaches I've had.
I personally have no idea why these kinds of symptoms come up and wish I
knew. I'd be curious to hear what ends up helping yours.

For what it's worth, those are my two cents! I'm certainly not trying
to play doctor here, but I wish you luck!

By the way, congratulations on getting off of prednisone!

Take care,

Thu, 27 Mar 1997 7:37:37 GMT

hi christina

regarding the severe headaches you are experiencing ..i too came off of
prednisone last year after taking the drug for aprox 10years at 5mg per day
i experienced severe headaches as well as severe backaches and hip pain ..
i had never had arthritic pain previously (ive had cd for 16 years ) and i
beleive the pain was contributed to the fact i stopped the prednisone . as
i was not on the diet at that time ,ive only recently discovered the diet
.and since i have been following the diet i have never had any headaches
.altough recently had the hip problem again .
the pain i was experiencing last year lasted aprox 1 month and didnt
actually start until 2 months after stopping the prednisone ...i took advil
at the time
oh well best of luck ..hopefully the pain will subside soon ...


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