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tedevans wrote:
> Has anyone here done any research on Candida Albicans? I have been doing a little and was wondering if anyone has also.

My sense from hearing about candida (which, by the way, is more
properly pronounced CAN-dida, not can-DEE-da) for years and years is
that it's a more prevalent problem than the hardcore medical line
would say, but not nearly as ubiqitous as the many authors and product
sellers and certain practitioners would have us believe. There's a lot
of literature out there connecting every problem under the sun to
candida without a whole lot of solid data to back it up. It's hard to
diagnose, hard to say whether it's a cause or a result of another
problem, and beware especially of self-diagnostic questionnaires.


Re: Candida...
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 13:21:20 GMT

Hi Ted,

Where have you been lately?

I've been having a lot of problems with candida, my suggestion is that you
get a FEW books on the subject. They vary widely. The best I've seen is a
virtual encylopedia and the source of almost all my orthomolecular
knowledge. It's called "It could be allergy and it can be cured." It's not
based around the scd diet, but the scd diet can be adapted to fit and the
additional information on vital topics is very well covered: environmental
factors, candida associated allergies and intolerances, the importance of
rest, oxygen and sleep, as well as what medications to use and how to tell
your doctor what to do ; just to name a few.
Phillip Alexander is the author.

Any good book on the subject should cover the following principles of treatment:

1.Suppression of the yeast infection with a specific anti-candida medication.

Nystatin at low to increasing dosage
Caprilic acid

2: Starvation of the yeast by diet modification:

Elimination of Simple carbohydrates

Fruit Juices

3: Avoidance of Yeast Promoting medications

broad spectrum anti-biotics.
immunosuppressants such as cortisone and imuran

4: Resting the immune system by avoidance of yeast foods

reducing the workload on the immune system enables it to have the energy to
kill candida. This is a key factor. All the others just weaken the yeast.
The immune system is the one that finishes it off, but only if it is
energised enough. Eating yeast foods, tires out the immune system since it
is forced to "shadow box" these invaders that mimic the candida.

yeast foods include: bread, all hard cheeses (only the DCCC allowed and the
yogurt) wine beer and vinegar.

5:Identification and avoidance of chemicals and other allergens

reduce load on immune system caused by :

car fumes; chemical pollutants; insecticides colours; preservatives;
emulsifiers and food allergens as well as inhaled allergens.

6: Avoidance of yeast spores.

Mould spores are released invisibly by the millions into the air by mould
in areas such as bathroom, kitchen and around leaking pipes in walls.
Remove the mould or move out to a dry sunny spot.

7: Vitamins and mineral supplement are vital for the program since candida
taxes the bodies own reserves of vitamins and minerals.

It's not something to be rushed into.

To do this on the diet, you must be on beans and lentils and peas. Daily
and rotated to avoid getting an allergy and to get enough carbohydrates.

you should build up a reserve of minerals for 4-6 weeks prior with the
metabolism balancing diet (or a scd modified version there of) then get
ready to follow all 7 factors at once. Only in this way can it be beaten.



Re: Candida...
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 13:42:43 GMT

Ted, I did some preliminary research on Candida albicans when I was trying
to clean it out of my system. I did this with the help of a naturopath
about two years ago.

Candida, as you probably know, is a stubborn little fungus that creates a
number of toxins in your blood stream, including manufacturing alcohol.
According to the naturopaths, these toxins are responsible for a great
deal of side effects, including irritible bowel syndrome and inflamatory
bowel disease. Women also have the unique pleasure of having a propensity
toward yeast infections in addition to all the junk men have to suffer.

Candida growth is promoted by the consumption of many of the things that
are proscribed by the SCDiet. For example, sugar and starches.
Additionally, you are supposed to avoid consumption of funguses and booze,
because each of these things helps the fungus do its dirty business.
Plus, the usual suspects, stress and general poor health, do wonders for
Candida. And avoid antibiotics and steroids like the plague!

So, what to do? Well, some herbs kill candida (I'm thinking of pau
d'arco); other herbs reduce inflammation (slippery elm), and aloe vera is
supposed to be good for everyone's guts.

I should mention that I had little or no success on the candida diet,
which I attribute to my own lack of discipline, rather than a failure of
the protocol.

Good luck and I hope this helped.


Re: Candida...
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 18:23:19 GMT

I am most definitely a candida sufferer, having a visible coating on
my tongue for the last 30 years, bouts of athlete's foot, microscopic
verification using a saliva test, and many other hallmark symptoms. I did a
search on the net using "candida" and found a very thorough description of
this syndrome under the heading of Citricidal. Their outline of the
symptoms of Candida is exhaustive and brilliant but their product has not
helped me at all.
I have also tried Colloidal Silver which is a highly controversial
and highly touted cure all. A search on the net will bring up an
unbelievable amount of info on this product with some very severe warnings
on possible long term toxicity. I can't really say whether the silver has
helped me or not. I have lately been doing unusually well. But my tongue
is still coated.
Good luck in your search. The candida link is explored on the
Crohn's Colitis site. I have investigated the ideas of Dr. Hulda Clark.
Her claim is that our bodies are comprised of 85% good bacteria and 15% bad
bacteria, virus, fungi, etc. The good bacteria, particularly in the
digestive tract, are well able to control the bad bacteria. When you toss a
few antibiotics down there in the normal course of your life, you knock out
some of the good bacteria. According to the medical profession, this is not
a major concern, although scientifically correct. According to Hulda Clark,
the body does not recover well from this assault. The balance is changed,
now there are maybe 70% good bacteria and 30% bad. Add some sugar, which
fungi thrive on, and you change the balance more. Dr. Clark declares that
many of us are running on 85% bad bacteria and 15% good. Makes perfect
sense to me. Great Smokies Labs will analyze this balance for those who so
desire. One fellow on Compuserve was shocked to learn he had no
Lactobacillus Acidophilus in his sample at all, despite months of intense
supplementation with probiotics. The bad bacteria clearly had the upper
hand in his case.
I believe if you can regain the proper balance, you can get the
Candida back under control and once again enjoy good health. Easier said
than done. Elaine states that the diet will do this, but such has not been
the case for me, at least not quickly. I am of the opinion that this
disorder requires a comprehensive approach as previously outlined by our
resident encyclopedic, Michael. I have found that the skin needs to be
treated as well, particularly hands and feet. Perhaps reinfection is
occurring through these modes. Particularly hands. I rinsed my hands
using 6% hydrogen peroxide. I rinsed them twice and rubbed them together.
On the second rinse, I was shocked to see white patches come up, exactly the
same as comes up on my tongue with a hydrogen peroxide swishing. Finding
the cure for these fungal patches has been a challenge, and of course is
At any rate this is the SCD site and not the candida site. I don't
often post anymore as the diet was not the definitive answer for me.
However it still forms the basis of everything else that I do while my
personal search continues unabated. Also I find tremendous help from the
various postings. My health improvement from the diet has been most
remarkable, but has not been complete.
Lately I have been doing really well in all aspects but have not
been able to pinpoint exactly where the improvement is coming from, and also
am not sure that it is permanent. I am keeping a detailed journal, and just
hoping that this will keep up. As Rachel has stated, I am suspicious that I
am predisposed to this disorder and may actually never be free of it. I am
also by nature a renegade and have been exploring alternatives not
acceptable to any intelligent and clear thinking being, especially not
Elaine! but something is going right, at least for now.


I wish the naturopath had been of more help to you, but your experience is
the same as mine. I have been to several. One put me through an interview
of more than an hour and then prescibed a homeopathic remedy which did
nothing. They mean well and try hard and charge lots but that's about it,
from my perspective. I agree with you that in following the diet, empty
calories are eliminated. The food is packed with nutrition.
Sheila's suggestion on using Ann Louise Gittleman as a focal point for
diagnosing parasites is an interesting one, I have considered it and have
sent away for the info but the cost is high for having a sample evaluated
and then... will the remedies really work. I am all done with those
avenues but hope you will give it a try and report back!!

Carol B

Sat, 22 Feb 1997 3:28:15 GMT


You wrote:
<I'm wondering if the scd is the diet of choice for those with Candida?
<Is Candida related to these microbes that haunt those of us with IBS,
<UC/Crohn's and others with chronic D?

According to Elaine, the diet will address candida and the problems
associated with it. This is a problem which I suffer from, and if the diet
cures it, it doesn't do it very quickly! However, I have found nothing else
that works any better, or even comes close, so I stay with the diet. While
not cured, many of my yeast related problems are now history and I will
forever be grateful to Elaine for that and to the group as well. Also, my
daughter follows the diet loosely and it has been enough to get rid of some
of her yeast related problems as well.

I think there was a post from someone objecting to "candida" as a subject
but my personal opinion is that this subject is acceptable since this is in
fact not a crohn's site but an scd site, and Elaine has stated that the diet
will address candida. I hope that was stated gently enough to not be
offensive, I'm afraid I'm not very tactful!

I am always searching for backups to the diet that will put an end to this
miserable disorder, specifically I still battle IBS. It seems to me that on
days when I take the time to exercise, at least 1/2 hour and enough to work
up a bit of a sweat, that the diet becomes more effective and I am better
off for a few days. I know this is only common sense but maybe will help
someone who is teetering on success as I am, but tottering plenty too.


Re: candida
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 14:41:50 GMT

In the book, those with Candida are told to drastically reduce the amount
of honey used.

From what I have read in another book the following also should be followed:

No bananas, melons or grapes or any dried fruits
no canned or bottled fruit juices - only fresh squeezed (in moderation)
fresh fruit (only 2 pieces per day).
yoghurt (in small quantities)

In general increase your intake of whole food complex carbohydrates (from

and yes the oxygen, not the sweat is more desirable, deep breathing (as for
yoga) whilst gently walking is what is needed to deeply oxygenate the
tissues without burning too many calories ( losing weight )

Regards Michael

Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 00:20:31 +0200
From: Odd Oivind Bergstad <oddb@STOVNER.VGS.NO>

Subject: Re: Flare after 14 months???

To Cheryl and Denise who wrote:

>By the way, I wouldn't discount the hot, humid weather. I work in a health
>clinic and we always see more bouts of diarrhea during periods of extreme heat
>and humidity. Perhaps the bacteria thrive during those conditions.

I don't know, but the fungus loves it!! So many people are not aware of these little gangsters called CANDIDA. They sit in the gut and are just waiting for a chance to colonize the colon and ileum. That's what the youghurt is all about, get the good bugs in and let them conquer Candida and others. The most famous one - Candida Albicans - produce acetaldehyde from suger. And, here is one problem, many people don't even know that acetaldehyd is far more toxic than alcohol. Symtoms are headeach, joint pain, premenstrual syndrom. The target organ is the brain. Some people get scizzofrenia from this little fungus.

Now Candida Albicans is a nice guy as long he is the minority, but as soon as he gets into position, he will change and grow ROOTS in the gut. And through the holes he creats in the gut, undigested food will come in contact with the immune defence behind the mucosa. The resoult is food allergi.

Maybe I am just boring you with stuff you already know to well, but in my opinion there is time to focus on other words like SCD and carbohydrates on this list and also on the IBDLIst!

Odd Oivind

Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 21:18:43 EST
From: CTFUTURES@aol.com
To: SCD-list@longisland.com
Subject: Re: pro biotics - help!

In a message dated 98-10-29 23:32:27 EST, you write:

I can't seem to beat the Candidaisis, and can't bear the thought of
giving up fruit, cheese, etc. for a long time, so I thought I'd give Pro
Biotics a try. I've been taking Nature's Biotics for about 3 weeks or
so, increasing the dosage as suggested on the bottle. For the past week
or so I seem to be having a bit of a relapse. No -D-, but not normal
either. I'm also sore in the areas were I know my crohn's is. Could
this be the 'die off' I've heard several of you mention? I hadn't had
any symptoms for about 9 months, so I'm fairly certain the Biotics are
the cause, but I don't know if this is 'good' - cleaning out yeast, or a
real relapse. I'm going to stop taking them for now, but if someone has
had a similar experiance, please let me know.>>



I too experienced exactly what you describe. The manufacturer suggests
that you reduce the frequency of the capsules rather than eliminate them
entirely. You should have gotten an instruction sheet explaining this.
From the instructions, "As Nature's Biotics begins working in the body,
some people experience various stages of the natural healing process. This
means that your body is doing its own work, so if you notice any signs
of flu-like symptoms, fatigue, constipation, or diarrhea, etc., do not become
discouraged and discontinue using the product. Simply reduce your dosage
for a few days until you have moved through the condition. Rember, Nature's
Biotics has no toxic side-effects. Any symptom described is a pro-benefit, in
that it means your body is responding to the product and working to repair
itself." You may want to review the instruction sheet.
I have been taking Nature's Biotics since Nov. 14th last year and continue
to do so with great success.
If yeast has been isolated from lab tests, taking the Nature's Biotics
give you a license to cheat from the anti-candida diet. Eating fruit will
the purpose of the probiotic if you have yeast . The probiotic should
the yeast. Feeding the yeast while trying to elliminate it is not a good idea.
My experience with Nature's Biotics can be found on my web page:

I hope this information helps.

Carl W. Tuttle

Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 08:10:41 -0700
From: jmarcelia@juno.com (Julie A Marcelia)
To: SCD-list@longisland.com
Subject: Re: white tongue

A white tongue is not always a yeast indicator. I'll quote from Pre. for
Nut. Healing: "Fungal infection of the mouth is referred to as oral
thrush, a condition in which creamy-looking white patches form on the
tongue and mucous membranes of the mouth. If the patches are scraped
off, bleeding may result." A COATED tongue, on the other hand, is also
white looking but not patchy and not on mucous membranes (cheeks, etc.)
This can be an indication of the body trying to detox; some say it
indicates liver function. (This could very well be the result of a
diseased gut, or drugs- usually quite hard on the liver.) Hope this
clears up any possible confusion.


Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 08:30:46 -0700
From: "Protocol Consulting" <protocol@shaw.wave.ca>
To: SCD-list@longisland.com
Subject: Re: Candida


Start here - http://www.goodbyecandida.com/symptoms.html.

The SCD looks to be a good anticandida diet too though because candida
thrives on sugars. The candida sites I have been to, although not so
specific in diet are similar in many ways.

Good luck

Mike Windrim

Date: Sun, 07 Feb 1999 09:15:02 -0800
From: Tom <tomc@viclink.com>
To: SCD-list@longisland.com
Subject: Re: GI doctors


I too was convinced that at least part of my problems were due to candida. But everything I tried to fight candida failed to do any good, while other things (such as the SCD) did help me. So, while I think that problems with candida can really exist, I suspect that a lot of cases are actually something else.

Have you tried the CDSA test from Great Smokies lab? It said that I have no problem at all with candida, and also identified other organisms that are indeed causing me problems. The treatment for those organisms helped right away whereas no candida treatment ever helped me.

Contact them at 800-522-4762 to get a list of physicians in your area that are familiar with the tests. Check their web page at


Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 13:02:38 EST
From: PanthaProd@aol.com
To: SCD-list@longisland.com
Subject: Re: Parasites

For those of you looking for a lab to test for parasites. The Institute of Parasitic Disease in Arizona has a great reputation for finding "bugs" that other labs do not detect, and much less expensive then Great Smokies Lab. I originally sent them a stool specimen about 7 months ago and and they found 2 different parasites and a slight overgrowth of candida. 2 Months prior to that, I was tested by a hospital lab which found nothing. I took an herbal formular called Botanefuge for 3 months, was retested and there was no sign of parasites. Unfortunately although giving up fruit and honey for 2 months and of course strict adherence to the SCD minus any yeast foods, such as mushrooms, alchohol, vinegar...and taking natural remedies for candida (caprylic acid), I still tested with a slight overgrowth. I've now been off of all fruit and honey .... for 4 months. I am going to be retested again next week to see if there is any progress in the candida area. To order a test kit call (602) 545-9236. It's about $15.00. You take your stool specimen and send to The Institute of Parasitic Disease. Their phone is (602) 955-4211. They will fax the results to any doctor you choose including a holistic doctor. The actual test is about $70.00. If you have any questions, e-mail me.
Hope this helps, Lois (UC)

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