Letters from the SCD support group: concerning raw eggs

Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 23:57:24 -0400
From: Deborah Idol <cat@LANLINE.COM>
Subject: Re: Raw Egg

> Hi, some of the recipes in the SCD call for raw egg.
> Has anyone ever had a problem with this? There is a
> risk of contracting samonella from ingesting raw egg..
> I personally am a little afraid to try it.
> Regards/Liz

I have made my own mayonnaise all my life with raw egg and have never (knock on wood!) had a problem. But I wouldn't actually *advise* anyone to do this, although I will continue to do so. I personally can't imagine enjoying mayonnaise made with some pasteurized egg "product", and I do buy organic eggs (from free range hens) which are probably less risky than the ordinary factory farm egg. I just figure that since I'm neither an infant nor (yet) elderly that if I ever got samonella I'd survive it :-).
Maybe I'd change my ways if I ever actually did get sick from my homemade mayonnaise...

Take care,


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