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Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) links:

(note: this is a page from the SCD listserve archives. Current links to other web sites can be found via the SCDiet.org homepage and going to the Resources section.

  • Author Elaine Gottschall can be reached via her web site at: http://breakingtheviciouscycle.info

  • One of our mailinglist members, John Chalmers, has set up a web site that is devoted to the book: Breaking the vicious cycle - Intestinal health through diet - the book about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. (http://www.scdiet.com). The site includes Chapter 1 of the book. A letter from John about the site is placed here.
  • Mike Simons has created a brilliant SCD web site in Tucson, Arizona, celebrating the completion of his third healthy year on the SCD
  • Keith Wilkinson has designed a website for SCD recipes at http://www.carnivaldogs.com/keith/scd - easy to use!
  • Renee Zobkiw also created a SCD web site, Yogurt24 - unfortunately it has been closed down ...for who knows how long?

  • You can read and search in the letters of SCD mailing list at the web database of Maelstrom.StJohns.Edu: http://maelstrom.stjohns.edu/archives/scd.html.
    Also, you can obtain the archived letters at Maelstrom.StJohns.Edu by sending a query to the listserver.
  • Two general discussions that include sections on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet are:
    Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis and
    Inflammatory Bowel Disease Update, by Ronald Hoffman, Medical Director of the Hoffman Center in New York City.
    Read this, it is informative!
  • The I.B.Details © newsletter had two articles on the diet. In the issues of spring 1995 and winter 1995.
  • The Health Action Network Society has a 1 hour video which you can buy of Elaine Gottschall speaking at Health Action 1992.

  • Dr. Ronald Hoffman's site
  • Daniel Wood's site
  • Crohn's-Colitis site with a message board where the SCD is discussed quite a bit

      Mailing lists

    • Another very useful source of information is the IBDList. To subscribe to it, you send an e-mail to : ibdlist@menno.com (IBD Mailing List) and put the word "subscribe" in the subject.
      About once a week, they send out a 20,000 byte or so large e-mail that is like a bulletin board, where people post information and questions and answer or comment on previous postings.
      Back issues are available from ibdlist-request@menno.com. To retreive a back issue, send an e-mail message to ibdlist-request@menno.com and in the body put a line that reads get ibdlist.v*n* where v* is the volume number and n* is the issue number in that volume. An example would be ibdlist.v8n23.
      A list of files in the archives can be obtained by putting the word 'index' as the body of your message.

      Back issues are also available via the web by pointing your browser to or by anonymous FTP to the same address.

    • If you find Wolfgang Lutz's theories intesting, you will also find the Paleodiet list-server group really interesting.
      There's been a continual discussion about the absence of grains in the early Man's diet. Read a letter from the list here.

    IBD links... - start with these:

    • There's a real good web site called CD/UC Home Page (http://qurlyjoe.bu.edu/cduchome.html) which has much information and also links pretty much all the other sites that you'll find on IBD and IBS on the net. Here you will also find an answer to the most frequently asked questions about IBD

    • The Olde Crohn is a brilliant electronic magazine about IBS - which unfortunately seems to have closed down the production. The website is still there, though. (They've moved to http://www.freelaunch.com/crohn/)

    • I.B.Details © Home Page - another electronic magazine on IBS which unfortunately stopped in 1995. However, their old issues still offer some interesting reading.

    • Sheila Shea's Intestinal Health and Colon Hydrotherapy home page - a site that offers information, newsletters, and late breaking news in the fields of intestinal health and colon hydrotherapy. Sheila Shea's goal is education and prevention.

    • IBS Tales - Read the personal stories of irritable bowel syndrome sufferers and share your own experiences.

    • An article on therapy for IBD at Dr. Ronald Hoffmann's website (the man who wrote the preface in "Breaking The Vicious Cycle"

    Diet links:

    • NutriBase is an interactive on-line database of more than 19,000 food items and their associated nutrient values (primarily USDA SR10 data). Food items that you can view, rank, query and search by food names.

    • If you find Wolfgang Lutz's theories intesting, you should visit Raymond Audette's web site of "NeanderThin" - A Cave Man's Guide to Nutrition: http://www.sofdesign.com/neander/
      To touch bases with him: In his latest comments he talks about how he cured himself of diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, and how other people who've tried the diet have (among other illnesses) cured themselves of colitis.
      Raymond Audette is an author, living in Texas.
      Also, check the long list of links at The Paleolithic Diet Page

    • "Low Carbohydrate Diets Information Center":
      http://nmcs.com/lowcarb/. contains information regarding low carbohydrate diets

    • The USDA has a Nutrient Database at the following location. You can search on different food items and get a report of the amount of nutrients it contains. It also includes carbs, fat, fiber, etc.:

    Other IBD link suggestions:

    • 16 pages with lots of info about colitis og crohns - with the somewhat misleading title "How to Choose a Doctor"...:

    • If you want to check the facts, get in touch with Eric Brandt, a pharmacist Dietmar e-met who ALSO has colitis ... he has a website, and has agreed to field any questions from SCD members on pharmaceuticals:

    • More info about Crohns:

    • What have the scientists found out about Diet and IBD? Visit Healthgate - and make a search for (for instance) Colitis +Diet in the MedLine database. MedLine has numerous solid articles on health and medicine, etc, - a fully searchable database with complete Medline back to 1966.

    ... and so on. There is just so much of it out there!

    By the way, concerning medical information, did you read this one?

    Or try http://arxc.com/arxchome.htm - a directory with lots of info on alternative medicine PLUS go to Health Hotline - latest info. re drugs co's push to limit availability worldwide of vitamins and natural medicines.

    OR bypass alternative health directory and go straight to Health Hotline site:

    Chinese herbs and medicine:

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