Long Island SCD Mailing List
Digest mode screen snapshots

Because listserves can generate a lot of discussion, you may decide prefer to get your messages in "digest mode". The following are screen snapshots of that digest mode looks like in various email clients.

Click the small images to see them full-screen (then use your browser's Back button to return here).

Netscape Communicator 4.61  

Message pane (one very long message that you can scroll through--index at top, messages below)

Or you can click the paperclip and open each message individually:

Microsoft Outlook 97/98  
Message pane (one message with index at top, contents of individual messages as icons)

Contents of an actual message icon:
Microsoft Outlook Express 5  


Message pane (each message can be opened individually)

But you have to open the "ATT00xx.TXT" file to determine which attachments to open:


To subscribe in digest mode:

To subscribe digest, simply click the link below and then click your email program's Send button. Note: the subject and message content windows should be blank when sending this message.

You will receive a confirmation request in your email Inbox. Reply to it, and you will get a final message confirming that you are a subscriber.

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