"SCD-Legal" Dry Curd Cottage Cheese



What is Dry curd cottage cheese?       

Dry curd cottage cheese (dccc) is a high-protein, sugar-free cheese cheese is known by different names throughout the word. In some regions, it is called "farmer cheese" while in other areas it is called "baker cheese."

As described on pages 44 and 45 of Breaking The Vicious Cycle, you should try to find a source of dry curd cottage cheese for many of the recipes found in the book and on this web site.

No matter what it is called, dccc shares certain characteristics: (1) It is a white, dry curd which has not had additional fluid added to it after the fermentation; (2) Since it has been separated from the lactose-rich whey and has been treated with a bacterial culture which eliminates residual lactose, its lactose content is negligible. It is best to use an uncreamed dry curd cottage cheese.

In some areas, it is packed in plastic bags while in other places, it is packed in containers containing about one cup. Sometimes it can be purchased in larger containers, which can be divided into suitable serving sizes, and frozen to be taken out of the freezer as it is needed.


Sources for SCD-legal Dry Curd Cottage Cheese       

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