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  Happy Valentine's Day

A very special Valentine's Day story from Elaine.


  Elaine wishes us a happy Valentine's Day

February 14, 2003

Happy Valentine's Day.

Each year on February 14th, I think of Dr. Sidney Valentine Haas who developed SCD. I tried to give a little of his history in "The Celiac Story," the supplement to BTVC. But there is one small story which will show you the kind of man this was.

Don't forget, we found him at the age of 92, his gray hair pinned back with a bobby pin, working away in his mahogany-panelled office on Park Ave. and 91st St., NYC after 3 years of fruitless searching for an answer for Judy stricken with UC and horrendous night siezures resembling schizophrenic siezures.

He was the first doctor of 15 to ask me. "what is your child eating?"

To fast forward, she became well - rid of all of the above within a year and one-half so each Valentine's Day, Judy and I would make homemade candies (some recipes in the book) and fill a heart-shaped box with them and send them

Here is the note he sent after one Valentine Day present:

Dear Judy,
Thank you for the candy
And thank you for the rhyme,
I suppose one can expect this
If one is a valentine.
You helped make my birthday wonderful.
With much love,
Sidney V. Haas.

I would say that this was a doctor for you.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone.