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Elaine Gottschall's Recipes


ALMOND ROCCA by Elaine Gottschall

1-1/3 cups butter
1 cup honey
2 cups roasted almond slices (275 degrees F for 15 minutes)
  Cook butter and honey over medium heat to 'hard crack' temp (300 degrees F)
Add the almonds, stirring over heat for 1 minute.
  Pour onto buttered cookie sheet. Refrigerate, to cool. Crack, by hitting with the back of a large spoon. Use spatula to remove from sheet, then refrigerate the pieces.
  This candy tasted like the inside part of a Heath Bar! And has that same crunch (not too hard). Next time I might try adding 3 of the almonds.
  Careful, it is habit forming!!

DILL PICKLES by Elaine Gottschall

4 quart-size Mason jars
4 quarts cucumbers (3-5 inches long*--about 4 lb. or 32-36 cucumbers) fresh dill
6 tablespoons pickling salt (not iodized and not cattle salt) Ask the grocer for SPECIFIC SALT FOR PICKLING
2 cups white vinegar. It must be pickling vinegar (7% acetic acid whereas most white vinegar is 5%) USE 7% pickling vinegar.
6 cups water
fresh garlic (optional)
1. Wash cucumbers and soak overnight in cold water.
2. Drain.
3. Places pieces of dill in the bottom of clean jar. Pack cucumbers into jars and place more dill on top. I usually put in 2 cloves of fresh garlic sliced.
4. Combine salt, vinegar and water, bring to a boil and pour hot liquid over cucumbers.
5. Seal and let stand in a cool place at least 6 weeks before using.
  If I can't get to them until they are larger, I still use bigger ones, but the gherkins (small) are really crunchy when you bite into them.
  If you have never used Mason jars to preserve food, please call your Dept.of Agriculture. They have people there to help get you started.  Love,  -Elaine Gottschall